[changelog] document the new toolbar panels with screenshots
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Thu, 05 Dec 2019 02:10:23 +0100
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[changelog] document the new toolbar panels with screenshots
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 * allow to specify the instance id for any instance command using the
   CW_INSTANCE global variable instead of or giving it as a cli argument
+* a series of pyramid debugtoolbar panels specifically made for CW, see bellow
+Pyramid debugtoolbar and custom panel
+The pyramid debugtoolbar is now integrated into CubicWeb during the development
+phase when you use the 'pyramid' command. To activate it you need to pass the
+'-t/--toolbar' argument to the 'pyramid' command.
+In addition, a series of custom panels specifically done for CW are now
+available, they display useful information for the development and the
+debugging of each page. The available panels are:
+  * a general panel which contains the selected controller, the current
+    settings and useful links `screenshot <../_static/debugtoolbar_general_panel.png>`_
+  * a panel listing all decisions taken in registry for building this page `screenshot <../_static/debugtoolbar_registry_decisions_panel.png>`_
+  * a panel listing the content of the vreg registries `screenshot <../_static/debugtoolbar_registry_content_panel.png>`_
+  * a panel listing all the RQL queries made during a request `screenshot <../_static/debugtoolbar_rql_panel.png>`_
+  * a panel listing all the SQL queries made during a request `screenshot <../_static/debugtoolbar_sql_panel.png>`_
+Furthermore, in all those panels, next to each object/class/function/method a
+link to display its source code is available (shown as '[source]' `screenshot
+<../_static/debugtoolbar_show_source_link.png>`_) and also every file path shown
+is a traceback is also a link to display the corresponding file (`screenshot
+<../_static/debugtoolbar_traceback_source_link.png>`_). For example: `screenshot
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