author Stephanie Marcu <>
Tue, 19 Jan 2010 17:50:48 +0100
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remove common/test/data directory from __pkginfo__, MANIFEST and debian rules to allow cubicweb installation

include README
include pylintrc
include bin/cubicweb-*
include man/cubicweb-ctl.1

recursive-include doc *.txt *.zargo *.png *.html makefile *.rst

recursive-include misc *

recursive-include web/data *
recursive-include web/wdoc *.rst *.png *.xml ChangeLog*

include web/views/*.pt

recursive-include etwist *.xml *.html

recursive-include i18n *.pot *.po
recursive-include schemas *.py *.sql.*

recursive-include entities/test/data *
recursive-include sobjects/test/data *
recursive-include server/test/data *
recursive-include server/test sources*
recursive-include web/test/data *.js *.css *.png *.gif *.jpg *.ico external_resources
recursive-include devtools/test/data *

recursive-include skeleton *.py *.css *.js *.po compat *.in *.tmpl

prune misc/cwfs