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The development team is pleased to announce the 3.0.0 release of CubicWeb, also
know as ShowTime.

What is CubicWeb?

With CubicWeb, the Semantic Web is a construction game!

CubicWeb_ is a semantic web application framework, licensed under the LGPL, that
empowers developers to efficiently build web applications by reusing components
(called cubes) and following the well known object-oriented design principles.

Its main features are:

    * an engine driven by the explicit data model of the application,
    * a query language named RQL similar to W3C’s SPARQL,
    * a selection+view mechanism for semi-automatic XHTML/XML/JSON/text generation,
    * a library of reusable components (data model and views) that fulfill common needs,
    * the power and flexibility of the Python programming language,
    * the reliability of SQL databases, LDAP directories and Mercurial for storage backends.

Being built since 2000 by an R&D project still going on today, supporting
100,000s of daily visits at some production sites, CubicWeb is a proven end to
end solution for semantic web application development that promotes quality,
reusability and efficiency.

The unbeliever will read the quick overview_ of CubicWeb.

The hacker will join development at the forge_.

The impatient will move right away to installation_ and set-up of a CubicWeb

.. _cubicweb:
.. _overview:
.. _forge:
.. _installation:

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