author Denis Laxalde <>
Fri, 01 Dec 2017 11:19:19 +0100
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Disable pytest's logs reporting CubicWeb already prints captured logs in stderr upon test failure, so we get them twice. Until we fix our logging management, disabling pytest capture and restore brings the output level back to sanity.

envlist =

deps =
  py27: backports.tempfile
  misc: -r{toxinidir}/requirements/test-misc.txt
  server: -r{toxinidir}/requirements/test-server.txt
  web: -r{toxinidir}/requirements/test-web.txt
commands =
  misc: {envpython} -m pip install --upgrade --no-deps --quiet git+git://
  misc: {envpython} -m pytest {posargs} {toxinidir}/cubicweb/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/dataimport/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/devtools/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/entities/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/ext/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/hooks/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/sobjects/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/wsgi/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/pyramid/test
  py27-misc: {envpython} -m pytest {posargs} {toxinidir}/cubicweb/etwist/test
  server: {envpython} -m pytest {posargs} {toxinidir}/cubicweb/server/test
  web: {envpython} -m pytest {posargs} {toxinidir}/cubicweb/web/test

skip_install = true
deps =
  flake8 >= 3.5
whitelist_externals =
commands = /bin/sh -c "flake8 `xargs -a {toxinidir}/flake8-ok-files.txt`"

skip_install = true
changedir = doc
deps =
commands =
  {envpython} -m sphinx -b html -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees .  {envtmpdir}/html

skip_install = true
deps =
commands =
  {envpython} -m check_manifest {toxinidir} \
# ignore symlinks that are not recognized by check-manifest, see
    --ignore cubicweb/devtools/test/data/cubes/i18ntestcube*,cubicweb/test/data/legacy_cubes*

python_files = *test_*.py
log_print = false

format = pylint
ignore = W503
max-line-length = 100
exclude = doc/*,.tox/*

# vim: wrap sts=2 sw=2