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Refer to in README contains outdated documentation at the moment (and for quite some time); until it gets update, refer to the up-to-date documentation on readthedocs.

CubicWeb semantic web framework

CubicWeb is a entities / relations based knowledge management system
developped at Logilab.

This package contains:

- a repository server
- a RQL command line client to the repository
- an adaptative modpython interface to the server
- a bunch of other management tools


More details at

Getting started


 apt-get install cubicweb cubicweb-dev cubicweb-blog
 cubicweb-ctl create blog myblog
 cubicweb-ctl start -D myblog
 sensible-browser http://localhost:8080/

Details at


Look in the doc/ subdirectory or read

CubicWeb includes the Entypo pictograms by Daniel Bruce —