author Philippe Pepiot <>
Mon, 29 Oct 2018 10:04:31 +0100
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Fix flake8 issues since release 3.6.0 Flake8 had a new release which raise new issues, namely: W504: line break after binary operator F841: local variable 'ex' is assigned to but never used W605: invalid escape sequence F821: undefined name 'buffer' (noqa seems the only way to avoid this false positive) Also pin flake8>=3.6 in our tests and make explicit that we use python3 to run flake8 tests.

envlist =

deps =
  py27: backports.tempfile
  misc: -r{toxinidir}/requirements/test-misc.txt
  server: -r{toxinidir}/requirements/test-server.txt
  web: -r{toxinidir}/requirements/test-web.txt
commands =
  misc: {envpython} -m pip install --upgrade --no-deps --quiet git+git://
  misc: {envpython} -m pytest {posargs} {toxinidir}/cubicweb/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/dataimport/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/devtools/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/entities/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/ext/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/hooks/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/sobjects/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/wsgi/test {toxinidir}/cubicweb/pyramid/test
  py27-misc: {envpython} -m pytest {posargs} {toxinidir}/cubicweb/etwist/test
  server: {envpython} -m pytest {posargs} {toxinidir}/cubicweb/server/test
  web: {envpython} -m pytest {posargs} {toxinidir}/cubicweb/web/test

skip_install = true
deps =
  flake8 >= 3.6
whitelist_externals =
commands = /bin/sh -c "flake8 `xargs -a {toxinidir}/flake8-ok-files.txt`"

skip_install = true
changedir = doc
deps =
commands =
  {envpython} -m sphinx -b html -d {envtmpdir}/doctrees .  {envtmpdir}/html

skip_install = true
deps =
commands =
  {envpython} -m check_manifest {toxinidir} \
# ignore symlinks that are not recognized by check-manifest, see
    --ignore cubicweb/devtools/test/data/cubes/i18ntestcube*,cubicweb/test/data/legacy_cubes*

python_files = *test_*.py
log_print = false

format = pylint
ignore = W503
max-line-length = 100
exclude = doc/*,.tox/*

# vim: wrap sts=2 sw=2